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Treasure Troves - Silver Tier

Treasure Troves - Silver Tier

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Treasure Troves are mystery dice chests that contain a variety of dice and trinkets!

Silver Tier Contains:

  • Factory - 2 plastic dice sets, 1 metal dice set
  • Handmade - 2 random dice, 1 D20 (guaranteed) 
  • Trinkets - 1 tiny potion, 1 vintage key

      The plastic and metal dice were mass produced in a factory. However, the plastic dice were given an additional polish by me and are a lot shinier than what you would get from a factory.

      The handmade dice will be fully finished and painted. However, they are not perfect and may contain minor cosmetic imperfections.

      If you would like to customize your Treasure Trove then go here.

        Please allow 5-7 days for me to finish the handmade dice and process your order.

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