Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next restock?

I restock my website about once a month, so follow me on my social media pages (I'm most active on instagram) to find out when my next sale will be!

Why are your prices so high?

My prices reflect the amount of labor and experience that goes into crafting high quality dice. Each dice set is made by hand from start to finish and thus each set is unique and will never look exactly the same.

My prices do vary depending on the complexity of the design and the quality of the dice. However, if the dice are flawed then the flaws will be a noted in the description.

  • Dice sets: $100-$250
  • Singles: $15-$80
  • Crystals: $10-$20
  • Dice Trays: $10-$50

What are your shipping prices?

The shipping is automatically calculated at the check out based on weight of the package and your location. It also includes the cost of shipping insurance for your order. These are the estimated shipping rates:

  • US: $7+
  • International: $19+

I use USPS to ship my orders, so I might not be able to ship to certain countries based off of their restrictions.

Are these dice balanced?

All of my dice are made by hand and are not professionally balance. However, they are perfectly usable for roleplaying tabletop games!

I try to make my inclusions out of the same type of resin as the dice so there is nothing affecting the weight. However, inclusions that are not made of resin are lightweight enough to not effect the dice rolls.

Do you do commissions?

Yes, if it is a dice design I have done before. It will be price at my normal rate.

I do sometimes take on custom commissions, however I will not announce it on my social media pages because I do not wish to be overwhelmed with a ton of custom orders. Custom orders will be around $200+ for a dice set depending on the complexity of the design and how many dice you want. However, it will also take at least 4 weeks for me to complete.

If you would like to commission me please send me an email at