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Gemburst: Radiance D20, 28mm

Gemburst: Radiance D20, 28mm

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MADE-TO-ORDER: Please allow 3-4 weeks for me to finish your D20. If you would like any customizations such as a different color for the numbers, then leave note at the checkout or contact form. 

This opaque white D20 is made of epoxy resin and the numbers are painted in a matte black. There are a total of 60 black cubic zirconia gemstones embedded onto each side of this D20. The finish is extremely shiny and the gemstones catch the light from every angle. 

During the development of this Gemburst design, I performed extensive testing on a prototype D20. After over 400 rolls, the D20 showed no issues in durability, the gemstones remained steadfast, and the each roll appeared randomized. This D20 is suitable for tabletop games however, I highly recommend only rolling it on felt or leather dice trays to prolong the quality of the sharp edges and minimize damage to the gemstones.

Gemstones: Black Cubic Zirconia

D20 Size: oversized, 28mm

All of these dice are completely handmade and as such it may contain minor imperfections. These imperfections are cosmetic flaws and do not effect the roll of the dice. Any major flaws will be photographed and noted in the description. These dice are functional art and are balanced enough for tabletop games.

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